Global Hi Solution offers you a variety of IT and Business Solutions.

IT Settlement

An information technology (IT) solution is a set of related software programs and/or services that are sold as a single package. Solving technical problems needs professionalism where us -GHS- provide you the best resolution you could ever need by our trained technical team that care for your business as much as you do.

Business Solution

A business solution is a combination of ideas used to help a company achieve its objectives. It comes in terms of marketing, payroll, auditing, accounting market research and analysis, among other essential business activities. We deliver you the ultimate best business solution for every single problem you may face.

Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions are more about digitalizing legacy processes revisiting customer experience and reducing costs. These are directly commissioned by line of business owners to achieve short term goals and to deliver rapid payback to their enterprise. and here wherre you can find our services in "Digital Transformation" services section.

Products Provider

A provider is a vendor who provides a product or service to another entity or to end users and organizations. We -as GHS- provide for you any product you would ever need cause we are connected with a large base of suppliers all over the world. Consumable stuff, It products, computers, Wi-Fi materials, toners, label and everything you could ever need.

Maintenance package

A maintenance package covers routine servicing and maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer. Our workers are professionals with expertise in the IT equipment, always ready and available to cover the warranty offered by Global Hi Solution.

Group SMS

Group SMS is simply the same message sent to multiple people. When one of the recipients replies, all other people in the group will also receive that message. Best SMS Bulk ensures timely high quality mobile messages through mass-personalized messaging. With GHS, you'll always ensure you're gonna save your time to the best for you.