Global Hi Solution offers you a variety of digital transformation services and solutions.

Digital Transformation

The technology is the future! In here, we provide you with the most effective process for creating-or modify- existing customer services, business processes and development for data representation. This helps organizing your work where you can survive in the face of future. Beside the technological evolution, you’ll increase your the revenue by being up-to-date.


Electronic-commerce is definitely a must in the word of business. We can provide you with the process for buying and selling of goods or services via the Internet, and the transfer of money and data to complete the sales where we can be that connection between you as a company and them as a supplier. With a result, you having the best offer with the best price and quality.

Digital transformation services consist of 4 areas:
  • Transformation for technology.
  • Data transformation.
  • Business process based on transformational change.
  • Organizational Change.

Transformation of Technology

In the technology domain, we are your communicators, providing you the strategic sense to make technological choices that balance your innovation and allow you to deal with various technical problems to insure your business success.

Data Transformation

All data must be up to basic standards, and the rigors of transformation require much better data quality and analytics. We provide you the way where you can provide your company with the most updated data. It also means helping you to improve your own work processes and tasks such that you create and preserve your data correctly.

Business Process based on transformational change

We provide you with end-to-end mindset, a rethinking of ways to meet your needs, seamless connection of work activities, and the ability to manage everything. We design your whole business process to be up to date.

    Organizational Change

    Changing your work into the best requires changing in organization. We help you seek excellent skills, leadership, teamwork, courage, emotional intelligence, and other elements of change management, where you can increase your revenue with a high percentage.